En Anglais: Morocco – the political and social dimension of migration

The emigration policies pursued by the Kingdom of Morocco in 2006 are based on those pursued in 2005. On the whole, these policies have greatly benefited Moroccan migrants and enhanced the cooperation between Morocco and the EU. The increase in remittances revenues encouraged the Moroccan government to step up its policies in this domain as the present report indicates. With respect to cooperation with the EU, the Rabat 2006 African Union/European Union Conference on Migration and Development boosted efforts to improve emigration from Morocco.

In 2006 Morocco made significant progress in the institutional management of migration through the Ministry for Moroccans Abroad,1 the Ministry of the Interior and the Fondation Hassan II to promote successful emigration and to find solutions to illegal transit migration in the face of increased migratory pressure from North Africa and on Europe’s southern borders.

Pour plus d’information, lire le rapport ici: 2007 – Morocco The Political and Social Dimensions of Migration